Top 3 Inter Continental Meal options that are a must to add to your menu

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A healthy meal refuels our body and may even benefit our overall health. Breakfast is most important of all; nutritionists always suggest not to skip breakfast at any cost. There are some quick and flexible options which you can add to your daily menu like pancakes, burgers, and French toasts etc.
They give you a chance to begin your day with a nutritious and healthy meal. Morning meals does not have to mean summing up on fats and sugars. Keep the meal basic and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. In this article, you will get to know about 3 meals that everyone loves and wants on their menu.

French Toast:
French toast is always crucial for leisurely breakfasts. There is barely anyone who doesn’t adore French Toasts, so you must add them on your menu. French toasts are effortless in making and you can top them with thousands of options as per your desire.
French toast tastes like a sort of ‘butter pudding’. It’s custardy on the inside but when you bite its edges, they are crispy with a buttery flavor. Plain French toasts are good to go but if you like you can smoothen them with some maple syrup and then add some fruits on the top.

A pancake is a flat cake that’s made by pouring out batter into a pan and then frying it on both sides until golden. Many people like to top their pancakes with maple syrup or whatever they prefer. Pancakes have come a long way as experts believe that this dish was invented more than 30,000 years ago during the stone age. With the passage of time people altered the way of topping but surprisingly basic ingredients are still the same.
There are so many types of pancakes like French crepes, American style pancakes, scotch pancakes, Irish boxty and many more. You can make them the way you desire. Pancakes can often be used as entrees, appetizers and desserts. This dish is admired worldwide because of its effortless recipe and flavorful taste.

The origin of the burger is not known, but the burger patty was probably brought by German immigrants of the 19th century to the US, where in a few decades the burger came to be treated as a standard American food. Burgers are usually eaten as a sandwich, between the 2 halves of a round bun with condiments like mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and many others. It can be garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, and sliced cucumber pickle. There are so many variations like cheeseburger, a slice of cheese is melted over the patty. The patty itself is often seasoned with chopped onions, breadcrumbs, or different spices, before cooking.
Burger is a must on any menu in the world. It’s the meal that people of every age group desire. Even the kids adore burgers more than anything. Besides their heavenly taste, burgers are a healthy source of nutrition.


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