Top 5 BBQ Food in Nigeria

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If you want to have your taste buds on a splendid tour, then you must visit Nigeria. It is a West African country with a broad variety of traditional communities, Nigeria is master of varied and rich culinary custom. Nigerian chefs are best at barbecue and their recipes are famous for bringing the following characters in BBQ meal. 

  • Tenderness
  • Juiciness
  • Smokiness
  • Proper fat rendering
  • Enhanced rub 
  • Good exterior bark
  • All with a firm texture.

Grilled meat has low fat, calories and are high on nutrients as compared to meats prepared other ways, so barbecue is the healthiest cooking option. In this article you will come across 5 best Nigerian Barbecue dishes. 

5. Roasted corn

Roasted Corn is among the most common street food in Nigeria specially during the rainy season. Many people prefer to cook their corn in the comfort of their home, but others prefer enjoying it on a street Conner or terrace on a rainy day with their loved ones. Nigerians love roasted corn because it is Light on budget, flavorful, It is very Healthy and Highly nutritious , commonly available during the raining seasons and no recipe or procedure to follow.

4. Bole

The word Bole means roasted plantains of Mackerel. On the Western region of Nigeria, roasted plantains are street refreshments served with peanuts and are usually sauceless. It is a popular Nigerian snack which tastes like heaven and is very light on the pocket.

It is mostly consumed by students and low income earners because it is the most affordable snack out there, but If you ever get to taste it you will forget about standard and enjoy it to your fullest. Bole is sold on almost every street corner of Nigeria. 

3. Barbecue chicken

There is something sentimental about the taste of grilled chicken coated in barbecue sauce. Nigerian people like to adopt foreign recipes and alter them according to their desire. Barbecue chicken is much different then the grilled one, grilled chicken is cooked over direct flame unlike barbecue chicken which is cooked in hot air. 

Nigerians have their own way of cooking barbecue chicken, and it is one of the most adored cuisine by travelers. Barbecue chicken is good on its own, but some people like to pair it with rice.

2. Smoked fish

Nigerian smoked fish dealers prepare this by ‘roasting the fish’ in smoldering dry grass with less or no flame. The fish becomes dried up by dry smoky grass and is then placed in a state where taste of some ethnic Nigerian recipes comes out.

The smoked fish is moist and salty with a delightful flavor. Keeping good balance of smoke and salt has a great influence over how the smoked fish turns out. It is one of the most selling street foods in Nigeria.

1. Suya

This is a nicely cut beef, marinated with spices, and grilled over the flame. It is offered with fresh tomatoes, cabbage, and onions. Suya is normally wrapped with newspaper or aluminum foil and enjoyed during the evening. This spicy delicious cuisine is a symbol of North Nigerian people and spread across Nigeria. 

Yaji is a special spice used to marinate the meat before grilling. Suya is like the Asian sate. Thin fillets of steak (topside) are coated with peanut rub, and further a balanced combination of ginger, garlic, chili, paprika, and salt are added. 


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